Living Camo

Living Camo


Nature is dynamic and in motion. Unlike static camouflage, Living Camo is also dynamic and in motion, thereby blending in more naturally with the living environment.


Living Camo is a patent pending thin film material containing a micro-optical lens array which interacts with micro-pattern print to exhibit depth, dimension and color changes when viewing angle changes.   Living Camo can be produced in almost any range of colors, in any type of pattern desired (i.e. “digi-cam”), and can be stitched onto fabrics, adhered or otherwise attached, to almost any article imaginable.  The initial production of Living Camo is available as a multilayered thin film array (based on our patent pending MicroFlex thin film lens array)  comprised of a bi-axially oriented polypropylene layer for toughness and a cast layer of polypropylene for flexibility and can be produced of alternative polymers, depending upon performance requirements of the intended end use application.

Click here to view a video of Living Camo: LivingCamoVideo

Possible uses include:

– Hunting Blinds

– Deer Stands

– Duck Blinds

– Vehicle Wrap

– Outdoor Building/Construction Panels

– Backpacks

– Outdoorsman Clothing

– Cameras and Components

– Firearms and Components

– Boat Exteriors

– Footware

– Eyeware

– Helmets

– Bullet Proof Vests

– Tents

– Targets

– Sleeping Bags

– Walls, furniture, and other objects related to indoor and outdoor laser tag, air soft, paint ball, and similar games.


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