MicroFlex™ – Ultra Thin Lens Array

MicroFlex Omet

MicroFlex™ is a unique and visually stunning new Ultra Thin Lens Array film developed by Forward and available exclusively and securely through our Certified Print Partners. This exciting new technology was designed exclusively for the brand authentication and security printing markets and protected by US Pat. No. 6,856,462B1 and patents pending.  The product allows a wide variety of dynamic 4D effects including; moiré, depth, hidden images, motion effects, and our exclusive dimensional watermarking.  The product is a 4.5 – 5 mil (112 – 125 micron) polypropylene film, with a continuous lens array embossed onto one surface and gloss printable surface on the opposite surface. The product is press stable, press friendly and environmentally 100% recyclable.


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MicroFlex™ Markets:
• Brand Authentication
• Anti-Counterfeit/Overt Security Markets
• Philatelic
• Ultra Thin Decoder
• Tax Stamps

MicroFlex™ Benefits:
• 100% Recyclable Polypropylene blend
• BPHB free, FDA and Child Toy Safety Act Compliant, EU REACH Compliant.
• The thinnest press stable lens array material on the market
• Novel Moiré (non-interlacing) Technology Training Available
• MicroFlex™ combined with registration precision and high resolution imaging allows for truly stunning visual.

MicroFlex™ Technical Specifications:
• Lens Array: 310 Lenses per inch (122 lenses per cm)
• Max Roll Width = 48 inches (1220 mm)
• Custom slitting available
• Max Roll Length = 4,500’ (1,372 meters) 22” O.D. (560mm) 6” core
• Caliper: 4.5 – 5.0 mils (112 microns – 125 microns)
• Material: Proprietary Patent Pending Polypropylene film structure
• Recycle Code: 05 PP 100% Polypropylene
• Dyne Level: 40 – 46 dynes/cm. sq. minimum upon shipment