MicroLux™ – Fly’s-Eye Lens Array


MicroLux™ is a visually stunning new aspheric corrected fly’s-eye lens array technology using our FullPak™ technology.   This copyright protected lens array was developed by Forward Optics and is supported globally by our exclusive distribution network; Transilwrap™, DP Lenticular™ and Allkotes™.  The product is a 15 mil (380 microns) polyester or polypropylene sheet containing an array of aspherical micro-lenses, borrowing from natures perfect packing honeycomb design.  The unique FullPak™  design results in a 99.9% fill factor, previously unachievable in any optical lens graphic arts material.  The MicroLux™ sheet allows any plastic printer to print standard graphics and 3D patterns on the reverse side of the sheet, where the lenses magnify the 3D patterns and imagery to create outstanding depth, motion, and color shifting effects.

MicroLux™ Product Information:

  • 15 mil 100% recyclable crystal clear amorphous polyester (APET), or
  • 15 mil 100% recyclable clear polypropylene (PP).
  • 99.9% Fill Factor (percentage of optical area).
  • Naturally printable surface, not needing primer coatings.
  • Pitch count of 133 lenses per linear inch, hexagonally packed lenses.

MicroLux™ Markets:

  • Advertising (POP, Tent Cards, Hang Tabs, Floor Graphics, Direct Mail)
  • Cards (Financial, Security, Loyalty, Gaming)
  • Packaging (Luxury, Brand, Sporting Goods)
  • Anti-Counterfeit/ Security Markets
  • Advertising Specialties, Promotional Items
  • Scholastic (Books, Pencil Cases, Rulers, Folders, Agenda and Notebook Covers)
  • Thermoforming ( Containers, Trays, Clam-Shells, etc,)
  • In-Mold Decorating (Cups, Containers)

MicroLux™ Benefits:

  • Depth, motion and color shifting effects are much easier to print than traditional lenticular.
  • Integral interlaced images allow for a unique look and broader array of effects over lenticular images.
  • Clarity of APET is superior to other competitive products.
  • Economic and environmental aspects of Polypropylene and APET provide global acceptability for this substrate in numerous markets.
  • No bleed of 3D pattern color into background colors.
  • No loss of pattern color when magnified into 3D effects.
  • Registration concerns are minimized.
  • Turn key training available to enable any prepress operator to create and design almost any type of 3D  effect in-house.
  • MicroLux™ APET allows for true photographic 3D integral interlaced effects. (Interlacing can be achieved via our exclusive MicroLux™ software available here.)

MicroLux™ Technical Specifications:

  • Pitch:  Hexagonal Lens Array 133 X 133 lenses per inch
  • Sheet Sizes:
    • 17.325″ X 28″ (440 mm X 710 mm)
    • 28″ X 34.65″ (710 mm X 880 mm)
  • Caliper:  14.5 – 15.7 mils (370 microns – 400 microns)
  • Material:  Amorphous Polyester (APET) or Polypropylene (PP)
  • Dyne Level:
    • APET = 36 – 40 dynes/cm. sq.
    • PP = 40 – 46 dynes/cm. sq.