NanoMotion™: Printed Lens Arrays for Motion, Color Shifting, and Depth Effects

NanoMotion™ used on Old Spice Red Zone label.

NanooMotion™ used on Old Spice Red Zone label.

“Ultra Fine Lens Arrays which control reflected light to create the illusion of motion.”

NanoMotion™ is a patented technology available exclusively under license involving a proprietary crystal clear micro-lens arrays printed or formed from UV resin which provides an instantly recognizable security feature, combined with eye-catching visual impact, and/or which can be used for covert security features.


NanoMotion™ photograph demonstrating the color shifting possibilities (small F logo) or motion effect (large black F).

NanoMotion™can be printed or formed onto any substrate and only requires one extra print station yet results in motion, color shifts, and depth that can not be copied or replicated, insuring the authenticity of the product.

There is not a more dramatic security effect one can achieve that matches the eye-catching appeal of this effect, at such a low cost, additionally NanoMotion™ is a proven technology, having been used around the world by major brands for more than 10 years.

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