MicroLux™ Interlacer

MicroLux Interlacer™ is a powerful Mac OSX application that allows for interlacing of integral imagery for fly’s-eye lens arrays. The program is designed for highly technical applications, not for the novice.  It features a scaling option that allows the interlaced image to be scaled in both directions to fit the exact pitch of the MicroLux™ fly’s-eye material, using a proprietary new patent pending scaling algorithm that eliminates moiré banding in either direction. This is particularly useful in fitting images for non-planar applications, where scaling in both directions is necessary to achieve the correct 3-D effect on the curved surface. The scaling is designed to be compatible with the VMR scaling feature available on the Kodak Trendsetter and Magnus devices. In addition, the program features a custom stochastic screening option, which was developed specifically for fly’s eye arrays by halftone expert Dr. Daniel L. Lau, yielding a high definition interlaced image.

MicroLux™ Interlacer allows for a wide variety of image effects. This includes fully volumetric 3-D, multi directional animation effects, or a combination of both, 3-D and animation effects combined with moiré effects, etc, which opens up a whole new area of possibilities with packaging, cups and containers and other IML products, labels, CR-80 and other cards, DVD covers, and ink jet prints.

MicroLux™ Depth Generator™

MicroLux™ Depth Generator™; is a rapid 3D pattern generating software that allows creation of patterns, automatic scaling for depth or motions effects, and includes simple adjustment for pitch of the fly’s eye lens.

The Depth Generator™ software takes any bitmap image and replicates this image underneath each lens of the MicroLux™ lens array, scales the pattern of images to desired depth or float/motion effect, adjusts for pitch and quickly rip’s this into a 1 bit TIFF file. The one bit TIFF file can then be placed into final artwork, designated the desired color and output to plate.