Bring your brand to life with dynamic labeling and packaging that combine eye-catching visual effects with strong authentication technologies.

Forward Optics provides a family of proprietary optical technologies that deliver proven shelf appeal while protecting your brand from counterfeiting. The consumer and brand will rest safely knowing genuine goods are circulating in the marketplace, and the product will stand apart from the competition throughout its lifecycle.

It’s Dynamic

Forward Optics offers eye-catching and instantly recognizable visual effects, proven to increase sales and enhance consumer brand perception. Our technologies are unique in the marketplace and will make your brand stand out in a crowded retail space. Visual effects include eye-catching motion, animation, zoom, color changes, and three-dimensional imagery, right on your product. Thin enough for automatic application at a cost that makes “cents”. The creative possibilities are endless.

It’s Secure

Because our technologies are exclusive in the marketplace and produced only through a network of Certified Print Partners, they are highly secure, bringing a superior level of brand protection to your valuable assets. In an age where counterfeits are a multi-billion dollar problem, our technologies bring an instantly recognizable visual feature that is extremely difficult to counterfeit, assuring both the brand and consumer the product is genuine.

Poulpe Blue Gin label

Here’s How

Forward Optics has established a Global Design Network of specialists are skilled in creating unique imagery for our eye catching secure technologies. We’ll transform your ideas and brand image with complimentary dynamic optical effects in an interactive and seamless process. Once the art development is complete, your labels and/or packaging can be quoted, proofed and produced through our select network of secure Certified Print Partners. Contact us today, and let’s get started.