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Developed for the security and brand authentication markets, Secur3D™ is a patented technology that enables the formation of lens arrays and micro-imagery entirely within the printing press. Unlike traditional lenticular printing, Secur3D™ arrays can be produced in discrete zones, providing the advantage of clear graphics and windows outside effect areas. Incredible 4D visual effects can be produced on any clear substrate, whether offset, flexo, or gravure. Forward Optics can provide all the tools and know-how necessary to establish complete in-house capability.


NanoMotion™ is a patented print technology that allows for in-house production of “ultra fine lens arrays which control reflected light to create the illusion of motion.”
NanoMotion™ can be printed or formed onto any substrate, only requiring one extra print station to produce dramatic motion, color shifts, and depth effects that command shelf appeal with the added benefit of adding a strong brand protection feature. NanoMotion™ is a proven technology, having been used around the world by major brands for more than 10 years.

MLA Watermark

MLA Watermark is a unique patent pending technology that physically incorporates a faint watermark image directly into the lens array material used to produce the visual effects. This technology is available in our MicroFlex™ films, Secur3D™, as well as custom lens array films. The watermark images can be seen overtly at oblique angles and in reflected light. The images can also be read with a cell phone camera with a custom app, and can incorporate covert features. The technology is ideal for government programs or large-scale high-value consumer products.


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